Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Thursday 14th August - Kirkenær

It was pretty uneventful yesterday. Like I said, it was just nice and relaxing - didn’t really do much. I discovered Mahjong on my laptop so that kept me quite for the morning.

Inger came back from work, we had tea and then all watched TV - CSI Miami! I’ve never see it before but it’s actually pretty cool! I wanted to go for a walk, but though the weather was amazing it was too unpredictable to risk it. You can see for miles around and in one direction it would be sunny, in another raining heavily with thunder rolling and then where the 2 met in the middle there were rainbows, it was great! I wouldn’t have minded going for a walk too much anyway, but a) I think I would have been alone and b) I would have gotten pretty wet and dirty!

Hans’ mum was making a coffee later on and called us to come and look - about 10 meters from the kitchen window there was a young deer walking around, really tentatively. Inger said she sees them often - a mother with 2 young, and they are really scared. It was nice to see one so close, just wandering around!

The only other thing notable about yesterday - well, last night actually - was my dreams! All night it seemed like I was dreaming of moving into my student accommodation! I can’t really remember much now, but the gist was that it wasn’t actually Bergen I was moving too, it was a weird hybrid of Sheffield and London (2 of my brothers live in Sheffield and London is where I stayed in the WORST EVER hostel and I think my biggest fear is going to live somewhere like that!) Anyway, the room in this big awful building I went too was so rundown and horrible, and I had to share the kitchen with 8 men! I was whinging about this and one of the guys took offence and said I was being judgemental (I accused them of never cleaning up) so I had to leave as they now didn’t want me there either. I went to see this weird women and told her I couldn’t study in these conditions and she took me to this place that would cost me an extra £50 a month, but I would live there alone and it was really cosy so I didn’t mind. The other problem was that it was an hour and a half away from the uni, but my brother Ryan was there drinking in the bar and said he would show me the best way to go (?!) We agreed a contract and then I went to get my things, and my friend Hannah came to help me move in. When I got back there the woman had moved me to a different room and it was nearly as run down as the previous place, but now I had signed a contract and couldn’t leave! Aaaarrrrggghhhh!

Ok it doesn’t sound that bad now, but the dream was really uncomfortable at the time….

… ok … I’m going to go now.

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