Saturday, 23 August 2008

The welcome party at Klubb Fantoft...

Well, this is my fist weekend of not having much in particular to do... if I was home I would be watching tv with a coffee right now, and getting ready to go to Hans' MMA class.

The party was ok ish last night, I got there at 10:30pm and most people had been drinking since 9:00pm, so people were pretty hammered. Only about 4 other exchange students showed up, and they were all on the same course and had spent to day together, and after a short while all dissapeared to one of their rooms as the klubb got packed... they asked me if I wanted to go but I took the number and said I might go later, I really don't fancy sitting in someones room when I am supposed to be meeting people!

Anyway, I got talking to a local girl, her name was Ida. We got talking and had a drink and then she introduced me to some other Norwegians, so at least I know a couple of people now. The only problem was everyone was drunk and you know how it is trying to have conversations with drunk people... either that or everyone around here is just a bit odd. Who knows? Anyway, we got talking about training and stuff and she asked me how i kept so svelte (i liked that bit!) and i told her about martial arts, etc etc. I have not decided yet wether I am going to join the gym, or the thai boxing gym, I can't do both it'll be too expensive - so I invited her to come and watch a thai boxing class with me next Tuesday and if it looks good, maybe we'll both give it a go.

So, anyway she added me to msn last night and I emailed her today to see if she was still up for it (as the things you want to do when sober are totally different to the the things you want to do when hammered!) so we'll just see what happens.

She introduced me to 2 of her friends; one was a guy from her course (can't remember his name) and I kind of stayed away from him, I got a bad impression of him and he came across as a bit of an idiot, and the other was this other guy called Atle, who was really nice but odd as well. (everyone is so odd here) But he comes from this tiny island in the far north of Norway so I doubt he has had much social contact before, so i'll let him off for being a bit strange... all he talked about to me was they sky... oh we did have a good conversation about dialects...

After I had a glass of wine (which was only £3.50 - the cheapest have seen by far!) I relaxed a bit, and I listed to Ida and her friend talking and picked up most of what they were saying, which surprised me - and surprised Ida when I repeated the conversation. Maybe it's like Hans says, I just need to relax and listen - not focus too hard and get all worked up by trying to understand every single little word... we'll see. I am starting to doubt that 4 months here will make much of a difference at all.

I also saw the guy I originally shared a room with, so it was good to say hi again, but I had to convince him he didn't scare me off and that I just wanted a single apartment! I think he understands really why I didn't want to share a room with a guy!

Anyway, it's only 11:00 am and just about everyone will be in bed with hangovers. I am going to go to the laundry and figure it out, and I will take my Norwegain course with me!

Bye for now

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